The Taking of Rikki Lixx
Length: 28:37
Filesize: 172.03m
Format: MP4
Rating: Simulated Sex "R"
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Ricki Lixx is the unfortunate victim in this savage ABDUCTION tale. Snatched from the comfort of her own living room and teleported to an orbiting alien spacecraft, Ricki's in for the ride of her life! Just her luck that this confused alien has never seen a human before and has to adapt a surogate avatar in order to "interact". Obviously from the "Old School" of alien thought, this hideous beast decides that PAIN will be the motivator that he needs in order to get the most out of his investigation. Without giving too much away, let's just say that by the time that this "investigation" is over, Ricki has NO secrets from her captor! Electro-shock and bad manners abound - BEWARE!