Kiss of the Vampire
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Since far before mankind learned to record his existence they have fed upon us. Their origin is unknown. Are they a branch of sapiens who ripened before the rest? Or some distant alien cousin? Maybe they're really the spawn of hell as our religious leaders depict them to be? Hard to say. But they've walked the Earth for longer than our recorded history, and they have always been with us. A secret organization has existed in tandem with them. It's been called many things in many languages, but is now known as the "Slayers". Their purported purpose is to hunt down and kill these blood sucking beasts and every year they dispatch dozens of well-trained volunteers who attempt to do just that. But I have my doubts. Since there's no evidence that any of these assassins has EVER killed one of their targets, I begin to suspect that the Slayers have a different agenda. I think that they have a pact with the beasts to send them timely "offerings" of erstwhile slayers - to be used as sustenance! In return, the vampires stay hidden in their quite places and do not randomly prey upon us as they once did. But that's just my suspicions... "Kiss of the Vampire" begins as the latest group of three slayers confronts one of the older and more powerful vampires that we know of. She doesn't feed upon two of them - she blasts them to hell with little more than a thought. But the third... the third slayer's fate is far more complex. Singed but still breathing, he's attracted the attention of his host, and contrary to his expectations, she seems most accommodating. Whatever his eventual fate, he'll certainly have a unique experience as 10,000 years of seduction and murderous experience gets focused upon him - and he unwillingly accepts the "Kiss of the Vampire"!