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When biologist Summer Blake accepted a top-secret position working for the U.S. government she had a set of expectations. Sadly, they were all wrong. Now, as she reports for her first day on the job, she discovers that she's going to be locked deep underground for 30 days at a stretch in a decaying secret facility built back in the 1930's. Worse still, her supervisor Dr. Gordol is an overbearing pervert who thinks that his lab assistants are there for his demented sexual pleasure as much as research. She can't back out, there's no way to escape for a month, and the other research assistants warn her not to rock the boat or else she too may come up "missing" - like her predecessor. But when Dr. Gordol pushes one of them too far there's no avoiding the inevitable violent clash and breakdown. Also, no one foresees the monstrous complications of an untested formula for human evolution... especially Dr. Gordol.