Terror from the Void
Length: 24:47
Filesize: 147.42m
Format: MP4
Rating: Simulated Sex "R"
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HOW MUCH MORE CAN WE TAKE?!!! Still reeling from the staggering losses of DEATHMATCH, KATRUUL and SHATTERED, SpaceBabe Central is once more confronted with the probable loss of another daring SpaceBabe! From waaaaay out in deep space comes word of another busty beauty taken by the relentless alien scum. This time they think that she has important military secrets vital to the defense of good 'ol planet Earth - and they want them! She'll do her duty - she WILL NOT CRACK! We hope. But rumors abound that this alien interrogation includes the use of ghastly devices created especially for busty babe torture! The ugly gloating alien "Rangor of the Void" fears no retribution as his evil Lieutenant Screechna and her headless pet use all their tricks to get the secrets. But SBC might not be as powerless to intervene as it appears...