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It's been three years since the men died... or rather, were transformed. Some say it was a virus, others claim that a new age Pandora must have rediscovered the box. Whatever the cause the result is the same. Men turned into flesh eating undead creatures with heightened libidos - and an appetite for human flesh! The women were spared the transformation. But the bite of the Zombie is instant death for any female. One by one they succumbed to the marauding hoards of the horny undead until the last few survivors banded together for mutual defense. For a while they were secure. But only for a while. New Zombie incursions are forcing a more aggressive policy - it's kill or be raped and eaten. So now they routinely patrol the area around their compound on search and destroy missions, seeking those that prey upon them, eliminating all that they find. This is the story of the end of man - and the peril of the dark days.