It's Cumming!
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Rating: The Full Monte! "X"
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HAUNTINGLY FAMILIAR... Hmmm... There's this small group of oddballs that live in a secluded desert valley. Inexplicably, they're suddenly besieged by huge ground-burrowing slug-like critters with tentacles and a sweet tooth for humans. I'm thinking I may have come across a story line like this somewhere before. Hmmm... Anyway...the only safety from these things is found on rock outcroppings where they cannot go and (here's where the story line gets a wee bit different) the residents seem to always get trapped as couples. Well, with no escape and nothing to do until the beasty gets bored and goes away they all just kinda do what comes naturally for a hot babe and a country boy trapped on a rock. Hence the XXX rating! Hmmm... It's "B" movie cheesy but "XXX" all the way. It's BIG, it's HUNGRY, and it REALLY likes girls so be warned 'cause... It's CUMMING!