Starship Van der Decken
Length: 27:35
Filesize: 167.3m
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Rating: Simulated Sex "R"
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Even in the 24th century, when man calls the Milky Way his backyard, there are places left unexplored, places that wise men avoid. Captain R. K. Rivers is not one to ignore the warnings of generations of spacers - at least not until she's got no choice. Like most independent cargo ships, the Van der Decken operates just one job away from bankruptcy, always threatened by creditors, within a thin survival zone where failure means the loss of it all. After losing too much time circumnavigating a cold war gone hot along their flight path, Captain Rivers made the fateful decision to make up the lost time by cutting through an area where ships like hers have disappeared since man first tried to traverse it. She knew the risk. But balanced against the certainty of bank seizure at their next port of call - she took it. And became legend.