Revenge of the Mutant
Length: 15:16
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Format: MP4
Rating: Simulated Sex "R"
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THIS BITCH IS GOIN' DOWN! Yep, she destroyed my first hunter/killer. That's what I get for letting the staff pressure me into sending her out unprepared...still....a VIRGIN! Not this time troopers! I double-damn gua-ran-tee you that this version won't be susceptible to Eva's nasty little 'gasm projector sir! Genomee02 has been ..hehehe...well prepared to resist Eva's deadly orgasm weapons! (I saw to it personally.) Even supplied by her off-world allies, Eva's not gonna be a match for THIS killing machine! I'm supremely confident that THIS TIME that bitch is TOAST! Of course, there are rumors that she may have back-up available now...but, no...I'm still certain that WE WILL PREVAIL! (well.. almost certain...) DIE BITCH! DIE!!!