The Estrogen Meteor From Planet XX
Length: 1:14:00
Filesize: 439.26m
Format: MP4
Rating: Simulated Sex "R"
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This is THE ONE boys! You just know that with a catchy title like "The Estrogen Meteor from Planet XX" it's gotta be good, right? Biggest damn project we ever took on - SIX (yeah count 'em -6!) HOT BABES and they all get cycled through the BELLY of the BEAST where their ORGASMIC alien experience begins! Really yucky too - lotsa slime in that critters gullet! The wacky plot starts with a hunt for a recently crashed meteorite, tosses in a covert group of rich guys out to take over the world, a slack-jawed local sheriff with a groping problem, a shapely deputy that's all-too-willing-to-please the sheriff, and 5 hapless amateur meteor hunters. Shot exclusively on location in beautiful Buzzard County, Arizona! Oh yeah - there's a big smelly monster with tentacles and did I mention ALL the babes get stripped and slimed? Ohhhhhhh .....GOOD STUFF!