The EMCA Shelly-Bot Tests
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Remember ACME? The guys that brought you the ACME BCD (Brain Control Device)? No, they're not back... but... there's a new outfit that's been making waves in the same market as ACME. It's called the EMCA Corp. Hmmmmm. Anyway, they're skating those silly little human rights issues that brought down ACME by not taking over existing beauties but by making they're own. Sounds pretty good - if it works. But before you rush right out and pay more for a new girlfriend than you did for your car, you better watch our presentation of the EMCA Shelly-Bot tests.

Sure, you've all seen the magazine articles and pre-release fanfare, but we've got the actual beta test recordings (don't ask how) that only EMCA executives and the R&D people who built this thing were supposed to see! Oh, you're gonna love most of it. This thing may even be BETTER than advertised! Their beta tester gives it one helluva workout and this thing is VERY FUNCTIONAL! At least, up to a point. But you'll be real happy you didn't buy one of these early models after you see ALL the video. Let's just say that they've still got a few bugs to work out. You'll see...